My Real Estate License number is 174210 and is listed with EXP Real Estate (specifically EXP-Metropolis, Mark Hoggard Managing Broker 405-503-5235....and yes I am listing all of that info for compliance reasons and complete transparency).  EXP is known for their cloud technology but I joined them because the technology was the solution to a bigger problem.  During the 2008-2008 Real Estate Crash (because it WAS a crash), they found an opportnity to save money for themselves and for their clients by changing the business model and eliminating overhead costs.  A simple solution with a HUGE impact on the business and the industry.


I'm a Real Estate and Business strategist. I work with buyers and sellers in Oklahoma City Metro area to build upward mobility - which is really just a fancy way of saying to life a better life.  

I love working with new people in real estate because of how one tiny transaction fits into their story and how they create a better life with a single step.  

"make your life a masterpiece"